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S1 Common ★★

S1 Common Canopy is a stylish, secure and affordable hardtop which effortlessly complements the design of the All Pickup car models. With wide angled lockable sliding side windows.

S9 Premium Sport ★

From Families to Outdoor, Adventures looking for a stylish, secure and feature hardtop with Pop-Out side windows. S9 Super Sport canopy is super accessible everything beyond.

High Roof for Commercial

High Roof for commercial usage.The strongest canopies on the market that come with Side sliding or Lift-up side window.

C4 Tonneau Cover

THE ULTIMATE STYLISH TONNEAU COVER. C4 Tonneau provides security for your cargo, sleek, this is ready for you to proof everything.

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LUPOTOPS Manufacturing’s excellent quality of fiberglass canopies ensures customers around the world satisfaction. Our ‘assemble-to-order’ system gives customers the opportunity to specify to their wishes, while short lead-times are ensured.

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Our professional team will help you choose perfect parts for your vehicle nomatter which Brand or type of cars

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We manufacturing prides itself of having a broad experience in selling hardtop models internationally